Does waxing hurt?

Everyone has a different scale for pain tolerance and what is painful for someone may not be for someone else. However, I try to make it the most comfortable service possible. Frequently waxing also helps with sensitivity, as hair grows back finer and sparser!

Why Wax?

Waxing is one of the best ways to temporarily remove unwanted hair. It is more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots, not just from the skin’s surface. Over time, hair in waxed areas regrows lighter and more sparse, or not at all.

What is the difference between a bikini and a Brazilian wax?

A bikini wax removes all of the hair from your bikini area that would be visible if you were wearing a standard bikini, an extended bikini wax moves downward and inward from a standard bikini. A brazilian wax removes all of the hair in the bikini area and all hair from your backside as well.

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